With 25 years of experience, brian saw the need for a financial network built upon a diverse group of individuals and professionals. 

At a time when people are searching for stability for their future more than ever, The Capital Concierge was created. 

We are focused on a collaborative approach, one that is personalized to each client’s goals and preferences. We take our time to understand who you are, what unique needs you have, and the most efficient way to get you to your desired financial destination. Thoughtful planning goes into each strategy to address your objectives relating to your estate plan and preservation of wealth.

We are rethinking what collaboration should look like. At the forefront of our firm is building a network. We are a one-stop shop, working with professionals with an array of skills. By working together as a team with your professionals, we provide you with the confidence we have a complete picture of your life and can create the results you desire. 

At The Capital Concierge we honor The Fiduciary Code of Ethics- The client’s needs always come first. 


finacial planner

Brian enjoys helping each individual create and execute financial plans that make their goals a reality. His passion is working for clients that are highly driven who aspire to see their dreams' and aspirations come to fruition. He is more than just a financial planner, he is a financial concierge. Brian's mission is to help clients feel confident that the path they are on to help ensure their goals are met or exceeded. Working in tandem with each client, Brian creates a partnership to ensure each plan’s success.  At the Capital Concierge, we have created a financial network of people and professionals to ensure your goals are met or exceeded.

"Someone is sitting in the shade of a tree somewhere because someone planted a tree a long time ago."

- Warren Buffett

Emily Abbott/Office Coordinator

Brooke Dreiling/Executive Assistant

Working with our team you’ll experience a level of integrity and enthusiasm for effectively and efficiently implementing financial plans.



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